Monday, May 14, 2018

LETTERS IN SEX CRIMINALS #16 and #24 (read my bottom text first)

SEX CRIMINALS is an incredible book. Written by Matt Fraction and illustrated by Chip Zdarsky, and the premise is hard to explain. It is the letter columns that are incredible. This book is one of the best examples of word of mouth comics to appear and the pages are like confessionals. I wrote my letter after reading of a character who is asexual, like me. Women have written in about their first time, their worst time, men write in about finding porn in the woods or how they got turned on by some guy and some girl at the same time. And then there was a letter by a man who stayed through his relationship with a woman who had miscarried.

Unless you've read the comic, thew second letter won't make much sense. Still, get a laugh from the photos, because there really is a guy who drives a hot dog truck and squirts out Kewpie dolls in the book.

Most people know my limitations in regards to my being able to have sex, so I'm not embarrassed by it, and understand if you want to ignore the letters altogether.

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