Wednesday, July 18, 2018


You can see the stylized D and T there, right? In the 90s, Mark Millar wrote a very good Elseworlds comic for DC. SUPERMAN: RED SON was an idea about how, if Jor-El's rocket had landed twelve hours earlier/later, Kal-El would have been found in Leningrad and not Smallville, Kansas, not far from Wichita, USA.

And now we have a similar, if obese, version in the White House.

PS Putin, if your guys are reading this, all the hugs and love you deserve.

Friday, July 13, 2018


Last month, I attended a BBQ with a few friends, hosted by Mark Braun, all around cool guy who is working on his first novel. I had to bring something as a token of gratitude, and picked up this gem at the Salvation Army. George Barth was given this clock, missing whatever was on the pedestal, after working 30 years at Continental Glass, a factory on the far NW side of Chicago. Since I had a few duplicate action figures, I went with Firestorm to cover the hole where the display had been, using brown packing tape.I intended to make it more of a man cave clock by putting Hawkgirl on it, but the wings  presented a problem.

Gifts aren't cool unless they are bizarre. Maybe the clock will be as murder weapon in Mark's novel.

Thursday, July 5, 2018


The smallest of Chicago's 88 neighborhoods, about two square miles of despair.