Monday, June 29, 2020


A lot of you may not know the details. Three Sundays ago, I took the garbage out around 11PM and my sheltie went to pee. Two coyotes were on the lawn. Bastard virus has the lots empty, no food, no scraps from cars because there aren't any cars. Plenty of reports, but I never saw two at one time. Pal yipped and I punched the coyote in the nose, smelling it and seeing its teeth. Then I was bitten by the other and pulled backwards, I still have teeth holes in the front of my calf and four in the back. I still have rabies, after six shots, and so I am extra susceptible to Covid. Like I care. Pal had a nick that caused damage to his liver, something not seen until Thursday, June 11th. He never complained those four days we knew nothing, he just drank a lot of water. And now you know.