Friday, October 6, 2017


Should be posting my photos from Arcana tomorrow, thanks T Mobile you suck!

In the meantime, I've been wanting to show my fans what Peggy Nadramia gifted me sometime around 1988. Since people often piled into hotel rooms at cons to keep it cheap, but we'd be short on blankets, Peggy bought me my own blanket. In which Elvis had an oddly shaped erection and was holding onto it. But okay, it kept me warm on many a night. Still does, in the winter, when the moon burns full and bright.

And for fun, you can even hold it up and then stick the lips into your mouth and then the face would make you look all creepy like it did with Clutch Cargo or Space Angel (see left) who used Lip-O-Vision or something like that. My dog does seem to like it when anyone goes to kiss him like that.

So, yeah. There's saliva from at least a dozen people on this thing.

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