Friday, March 4, 2016


I thought I would post a bit about the new place BGT is happening, and that would be courtesy of Jude Mire at Forte Framing & Gallery, just off of North Avenue and Western. It just took me a little longer than expected to find time to write up the post.

The many, many seascape paintings are by Jude's wife Jill Cooper. The artwork with the skulls is courtesy Eric Lower. Sculptures in the front window are by Brian Sperry, but the photos I took did not come out well, because there was reflections from the streetlights.

Big crowds, lots of readers, good stories to be heard. If you are in Chicago on Friday 18 March, the readings are from 7-10PM. If you are interested in buying some great art or getting something framed, you can reach Jude or Jill. I'm not writing any phone numbers down because I don't trust the NSA anymore.

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