Wednesday, December 10, 2014


The late Karl Edward Wagner used that term to describe his journals and so I do the same to keep his memory going. The way I lost my latest journal was pointless, and it hardly mattered because I had most pages either photocopied and/or as typed up stories, as was the case for the novella "Days of Fiction Past" and several other shorter pieces. The only thing truly lost were several pages for a story I had planned to call "Contemplated Freedom". If I end up starting that again, odds are it would be in a different stream-of-consciousness stage. Here are various photos of said commonplace book over the years, the photo of me in the Willis Tower was taken by my cousin Cindy Schwartz. When I graduated from UIC in 1982, we went down to Kentucky for Father's Day to see Granddad, and Cindy gave me a silver Cross pen. She knew I was going to be a writer.She did.

I have also used several small spiral notebooks or Moleskins, but everything gets transcribed into the commonplace book, here are examples of the other books.

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