Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Sunday I was out in Norridge. Mark Koldny (with sunglasses) visiting from NYC, Mark Braun (next to the guy faking the sullen look) having the BBQ, goofy old me and artist legend Alex Ross. Song Koo and I knew each other 25 years ago, working at comic shops on either side of the city, trading inventory and the risque "good girl art" comics that were a product of the early 90s.

Mark Braun designed what was the first cover for a collection with Crossroad Press, but once that project blossomed into a three volume collection, the cover changed. I gave him a clock with Firestorm taped to it, the clock itself once was given to George Barth after working thirty years at Continental Glass here in Chicago. I'm not talking to the lawn gnome, but let's just go with that.

And last, but not least, the great Barkley Braun. A neat excursion. On the way there, Mark Kolodny drove and we took a bunch of photos at the Damen Silos. On the way back, I was on my own, so wandered around the Lawrence Avenue el stop and took some decent photos. If it wasn't so late on a Sunday--I had no real idea when I would get near my house--I would have walked around a bit more.

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