Monday, November 4, 2013


.An amazing thing happened a few weeks back. I found a copy of HORRORSTORY: VOLUME FIVE on Amazon for $40.00. For several years, prices have ranged from $100-$350.00.  I owned a (contributor) copy once, but sold it so I could by groceries when I was unemployed in 2006 and was down to applying for a job with Clowns2Go. Underwood-Miller was publishing the volumes in reverse order, each book holding three volumes of Year's Best Horror. The fifth volume has two of my appearances, "Rapid Transit" and ts sequel "Take The 'A' Train." RT was my first published work, accepted by Peggy Nadramia for GRUE#1, and it is the only place you'll see my byline without my middle name.

If Karl Edward Wagner hadn't chosen my story for YBH:XIV, I might very well be working at a traveling carnival as the guy who can make his veins pop out of his head. One of my parlor tricks. I call RT my albatross, as I certainly got better with my approach to writing both fiction and non-fiction. I'v posted photos of the various books where you can find the story, in Dutch, Danish, and German. I'm happy that I was able to get the book proudly posed next to my Walter White action figure. Seven years is a long time to be gone, but I truly needed money to eat.

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  1. Love this era of horror fiction, enjoyed "Rapid Transit" in SPLATTERPUNKS!