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All American Horror of the 21st Century

The first decade: 2000-2010

 Edited by Mort Castle
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All American Horror of the 21st Century is a compilation of the best short horror fiction published by magazines, anthologies, and websites between 2000 and 2010. These stories deal with "uniquely American" themes and subjects, and are written in an equally unique "American style." Contributors include National Book Award-nominee Dan Chaon, rising horror star Jeff Jacobson, World-Fantasy award winner Andy Duncan, and New York Times-bestselling author Tom Monteleone.
ISBN: 978-1-936679-08-9
7 .5 x 9.25 
386 Pages                       $19.95                            Horror/ Anthologies/ Short Stories

ORDER your copy today! 
There are plenty of good-quality horror collections out there, but this anthology is truly one-of-a-kind. This is a book for fans of Stephen King AND Raymond Carver, of Richard Matheson AND Dave Eggers, of Shirley Jackson AND Alice Hoffman. This is the only book to offer wide-ranging but always modern, uniquely American horror stories.
Readers are in for a rare treat with this prodigious collection to raise hairs and chill blood. Nothing compares to the breadth of talent and creativity to be found in these pages. Have at it, dear reader!

MORT CASTLE, an award-winning author and writing teacher, is exceptionally well-qualified to edit this inimitable collection of stories. He is the author of seven novels, four fiction collections, and over 500 shorter works. Castle edited On Writing Horror, the essential reference work for authors in the dark genre.

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