Wednesday, December 21, 2022



When I sign into YouTube, as with everyone else, I'll see random channels they think I'm interested in. And so it was that I discovered LOST EXPLAINED. There are over 25 videos, some are close to an hour. I am totally blown away by this channel.

Back in the 00s, there was a brilliant blog called EYE M SICK, after the mural in the Hatch. I ended up co-writing reviews for the final season, even though I had followed it from about 2006, and there were quite a few other blogs on Lost at the time. But EYE M SICK really drew me in. There was thought and insight to be had.

The same can be said of LOST EXPLAINED. It is only a fairly recent chunk of videos, but the topics are the same. But it goes further. There is a whole thing on the Egyptians time on the Island. A very recent one ponders if Mother was a Smoke Monster and goes on about the very early history of the place where Oceanic 815 would crash. A great video is about the ghosts and apparitions. And one the gives viewers ideas on what happened after the series ended and Ajira was far from the Island.

I know my blog goes all over the place when it comes to entries, but now that LOST is again streaming, I hope some people will see this or the labels on a Google search and check the YouTube channel out. If you come across my blog entry, please tell others about Lost Explained.

Await Further Instructions.

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