Saturday, April 6, 2019


This is a beautiful book.  THE SCREAM FACTORY was a wonderful magazine. I was lucky enough to have a story in the 25th Anniversary of the NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD issue. My story was illustrated by the late HEF (Harry Fassl). The story will be reprinted in Crossroad Press's upcoming RAPID TRANSIT VOLUME TWO. The magazine was known for columns, essays, and book reviews. The best of the best is in this huge volume of six hundred pages.

My typing skills have worsened of late, but I plan to do a follow-up on this book, including photos of some of the art and mentioning specific columns and writers dear to me. CD Publications and Richard Chizmar published this giant thing, and it was edited, as was the magazine, by the lustful Peter Enfantino, the huggable John Scoleri, and the bedazzled Robert Morrish. Here's my story and what this book looks like. It is uncanny how much I look like Peter as we peer over the top of the cover, states and weeks apart.

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