Friday, November 9, 2018


yiu can compare the overhead Google Earth images from 2012 and again in 2017. That's me looking out of the last house going north (left) back in 1982. On the exact opposite side of town was where general store would have been, in the tree area arounds the N or the 10. If it is still there at all. The building above the numbering is one I helped work the foundation on with the man named Bus Downing that I wrote about in my poem. The house we all lived in is the last one standing on the west side of the street going south (right). The one tall building at the intersection is that of the church.

At the opposite side, where 10th meets 1980th, the Rich family used to live there. The father Steve was the local constable. The son Lane was ready to go into the military as soon as he graduated high school and we wished he would get out and never come back. This was the house where, one summer night 36 years ago, two young hippies from Chicago brazenly stole a can of Hungry Dog dog food from the steps of the Rich family's back porch.

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