Monday, June 29, 2020


A lot of you may not know the details. Three Sundays ago, I took the garbage out around 11PM and my sheltie went to pee. Two coyotes were on the lawn. Bastard virus has the lots empty, no food, no scraps from cars because there aren't any cars. Plenty of reports, but I never saw two at one time. Pal yipped and I punched the coyote in the nose, smelling it and seeing its teeth. Then I was bitten by the other and pulled backwards, I still have teeth holes in the front of my calf and four in the back. I still have rabies, after six shots, and so I am extra susceptible to Covid. Like I care. Pal had a nick that caused damage to his liver, something not seen until Thursday, June 11th. He never complained those four days we knew nothing, he just drank a lot of water. And now you know.

Monday, May 18, 2020


So, you see, I have been reading Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin blog for, well, a decade or so. OK, almost fifteen years. Anyhow. Mike is owner of Sterling Silver Comics in Camarillo, California, and his business was not so much affected by the COVID-19 restrictions as it was Diamond distributors not providing new comics to sell. (Makes sense, as some states were closing places up, and so many stores would be affected by long-time customers deciding to buy from some online place. Mike's a cool guy, he has an affection for Swamp Thing (as do we all), and he is always willing to let me ramble on the phone with him while he's trying to help other customers. So here's the thing, he's selling store items the sort of old-fashioned way, only more like garage sales of the future. Think of Instagram as The Pennysaver. He's also selling 30 comics for $20.00 and considering the average comic now is $3.99, well, you do the math. Because I can't. That's why I became a writer. So I went and ordered me some mystery books. I also, for good measure, had Mike send my buddy (and long ago SFWAO editor) Mike Olson a copy of the Watchmen trade.

Going back to the title of this post, I'm being a good consumer and giving money to a store owner who needs it, instead of blowing the $20 on Amazon. And every day, Mike also pays it forward by doing his blog. He's very witty, and often talks about his early days working at another comic shop in Ventura called Ralph's. We are about a decade apart in age, and so his posts often remind me of my days working at a comic shop on Archer and Ridgeway in the early 90s, also known as the decade of the Extreme. I took photos, just because some of you might enjoy the covers and such. And if you are looking to give a gift to some neighbor kid or one of your own, think about Sterling Silver's great deal in this scary time.