Thursday, September 20, 2018


I really have been meaning to post these for awhile. I appeared in one of the best of the not-quite-large press magazines of the last two decades of the last century, AFTER HOURS, which ran for a very impressive 25 issues. Photos, interviews, great stories. After there being a Best of CEMETERY DANCE and Best of DEATHREALM, and with a Best of THE SCREAM FACTORY coming soon, I think a Best of AFTER HOURS is needed (perhaps the only other magazine that should also consider this would be Paul Dale Anderson, who published 2AM with his late wife Gretta.)

Anyhow, I thank William for allowing me to repost what had been a private letter. Think of a time with no emails. I typed my stories on a word processor and, as seen in the second image, I'd love to click the wheel and have everything be one or two keys on the keyboard off. You see, if you had a Smith-Corona word processor, you typed the entire page and then click print and everything would clack out. Very 90s. This wasn't too long after I was free of the bonds from the March 1989 car accident and was always showing off the one scar (out of two) on my left arm I could photocopy, and all the broken pieces of hardware inside that arm.

Enjoy the letter in the sense of perhaps overhearing two guys jabbering in a hallway at  a convention, and maybe decipher the second page. I'd guess everything is one letter off, so good luck with that. I guess the one good thing about a personal website that hardly anybody sees is that I can put up images that are even better than just scanning them into my computer. My thanks again to William.

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  1. I was at the Stamford WHC too --and I think The Gang was --Lisa Lepovetsky, you-- Wayne Edwards and a couple others --that was fun hanging around and I took some pix! Now I can't find all the photos from the 90's conventions but they're here somewhere. And all hail After Hours! Agree that it needs/needed a "Best Of"!